The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering  is now offering a new course called Bachelor of Computer and Communication Engineering (Hons.).  It is an engineering degree similar to our other sought after core engineering degrees. This course will set one to embark on a career in the ever dynamic telecommunication industry as well as power industry which converges with the telecommunication industry in materializing "the SMARTGRID". 

Please apply online or walk in. If you're from SPM you need to do Foundation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering first for one year. If from STPM or Diploma you can go direct to the BCCE program.

The BCCE programme coalesces the fundamentals of electronics, hardware, software and communication engineering to cater for the rapid convergence among all these technologies. By building a strong foundation in mathematics, electrical and electronics, and computing in the early part of the studies, students are then exposed to topics in computer engineering which later enable them to appreciate and understand the challenges in communication engineering.

Together with lectures, tutorials and seminar, the programme includes a significant amount of practical laboratory work which develops the students practical design / development skills required by the high-tech companies in the computer and communication industries.

The programme is conducted in a full-time, semester basis spanning eight (8) semesters which is equivalent to 4 calendar years. During these times, students follow a series of courses (totally 127 credit hours), inclusive of a Capstone Design Project, an industrial internship and a Final Year Project. The internship takes up one short semester.