Programmes Offered 


Postgraduate Programmes


Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Science

Master of Electrical Engineering (By research)                            

Master of Electrical Engineering (By coursework & research)                           

Master of Mechanical Engineering (By research)

Master of Civil Engineering (By research)

Master of Industrial Science (By research)

Master of Communications and Systems Engineering (By coursework & project)


Doctor of Philosophy in Information and Communication Technology

Master of Information Technology (By research)

Master of Information Technology (By coursework & research)

Master of Software Engineering (By coursework & research)


Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management

*Master of Science in Management (By research)

*Master of Science in Accounting (By research)

*Master of Science in Finance (By research)

Master of Business Administration (By coursework & project)

Master in Engineering Management (By coursework & project)


Master of Energy Management (By coursework & project)

*These programmes are available at Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Campus Muadzam Shah, Pahang

Bachelor Programmes

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons.) (4 years​)

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons.) ​(4 years​)

Bachelor of Electrical Power Engineering (Hons.) (​4 years)

Bachelor of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Hons.) ​(4 years)

Bachelor of Computer Science (System & Networking) (Hons.) ​(3 years)

​Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering) (Hons.) (3 years)

Bachelor of Computer Science (Cyber Security) (Hons.)​ (3 years)

​Bachelor of Information Technology (Information System) (Hons.) (​3 years)

Bachelor of Information Technology (Graphics & Multimedia) (Hons.)​ (3 years)

Bachelor of Information Technology (Visual Media) (Hons.) (3 years)

Bachelor of Economics (Energy)(Hons) (3 years)

​Bachelor of Business Economics (Hons) (3 years)

*​Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Human Resource Management​ (3 years)

*​Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Marketing ​​(3 years)

​*Bachelor of International Business (Hons) (3 years)

​*Bachelor of Accounting (Hons.) (4 years)

*​Bachelor of Finance (Hons.) (3 years)

 *These programmes are only available at Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Campus Muadzam Shah, Pahang


Foundation & Diploma Programmes

Foundation in Mechanical Engineering​ (1 year)

​Foundation in Civil Engineering ​ (1 year)

Foundation in Electrical Power Engineering ​​(1 year)

Foundation in Electrical & Electronic Engineering ​(1 year​)

​Foundation in Information Technology​ (1 year)

​Foundation in Computer Science ​(1 year)

*Foundation in Accounting (1 year​)   

*​Foundation in Business (1 year​)

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (2 1/2 years​)

Diploma in Electrical Engineering (2 1/2 years​)

​Diploma in Computer Science  (2 1/2 years)

​Diploma in Corporate Management with Tahfiz (2 1/2 years​)

​*Diploma of Accountancy (2 1/4 year​s)​

​*Diploma in Business (2 1/4 year​s​)

*These programmes are available at Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Campus Muadzam Shah, Pahang


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