​​ February 2018 Intake Fees Structure For

Undergraduate International Students  

 *updated  : February 2017

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Student Visa Charges / EMGS Fee (RM)
​a) Foundation Programme & Postgraduate Programme​3,655.00
b) Diploma Programme3, 936.40​
c) All Bachelor Programme 4,217.80


No. ​Programme Duration Fee (RM)
1Bachelor of  Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Hons) 4 years97,500
2Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons) ​4 years97,500
3Bachelor of Electrical Power Engineering (Hons)​4 years97,500
4Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons)​4 years97,500
5Bachelor of Computer and Communication Engineering ​(Hons)​4 years97,500
6Bachelor  of  Computer Science (Systems and Networking) ​(Hons)3 years 75,400
7​Bachelor  of  Computer Science (Software Engineering) ​(Hons)​3 years 75,400
​8​​Bachelor  of  Computer Science (Cyber Security) ​(Hons)​3 years75,400
9Bachelor  of Information Technology (Graphics and Multimedia) ​(Hons)​3 years 75,400
10Bachelor  of Information Technology (Information System) ​(Hons)​3 years 75,400
​11​Bachelor  of Information Technology (Visual Media) ​(Hons)​3 years75,400
12Bachelor of Accounting  (Hons)* ​4 years81,900
13Bachelor of Finance (Hons)* ​3 years63,700
14Bachelor of International Business * ​​3 years63,700
15Bachelor of Bus. Admin (Hons) in Human Resource Management * ​​3 years63,700
16Bachelor of Bus. Admin (Hons) in Marketing * ​​3 years63,700
17Bachelor of Bus. Admin (Hons) in Entrepreneurship & Venture Management* ​​3 years63,700
18Diploma in Accountancy * ​​2 1/4 years32,500
​19​Diploma in Mechanical Engineering​2 1/2 years31,460
​20​Diploma in Electrical Engineering​2 1/2 years​31,460
21Diploma in Computer Science ​​2 1/2 years33,800
22Diploma in Finance * ​​2 1/4 years28,600
23Diploma in Business Studies * ​​2 1/4 years28,600
24Foundation in  Electrical and Electronic Engineering ​

1 year

25Foundation in  Mechanical  Engineering ​​1 year22,100
26Foundation in  Electrical Power Engineering ​​1 year22,100
27Foundation in  Civil Engineering ​​1 year22,100
28Foundation in  Computer Science ​1 year19,500
29Foundation in Information Technology​​1 year19,500
30Foundation in Accounting * ​​1 year19,500
31Foundation in Business Studies* ​​1 year19,500
32Foundation in Finance * ​​1 year19,500
* Programmes offered in our branch campus in Pahang state ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
No. Description                                    Remarks

Postgraduate Student Fees

Bachelor Student Fees

Foundation/Diploma Student Fees

1​International Student Registration Fee​Not Refundable7,070.007,070.00​7,070.00
2Library Fee (per semester)​​Not Refundable260.00260.00260.00
3Student card​Not Refundable80.0080.00​80.00
4Service Fee (per semester)​​Not Refundable260.00260.00260.00
5Student Activity Fee (per semester)​Not Refundable260.00260.00260.00
​6Medical Insurans (per year)Depends on EMGS rates--​      -
​7​Student Representative Council Package (MPP)​Not Refundable​-​50.00​50.00
​8​Caution Deposit​Refundable​300.00​300.00​300.00
​9​Test of English Proficiency (TEP)​Not Refundable​-​-100.00
​10English Short Course (ESC) **​Not Refundable​-​-​4,664.00




**ESC is only offered to candidates who do not meet the English Language requirement such as the minimum score for IELTS or TOEFL. These candidates are required to sit for the Test of English Proficiency (TEP) to determine whether they are required to take ESC or are eligible for exemption.


No. Description                                    RemarksFee (RM)
1​ Accommodations  (per room/per month)                                    ​On campus350 - 500
* All information fees and rental charges are correct at time of printing.​