Guidance and Counseling Unit


28 Feb 2008 Guidance and counseling unit was first created as a program named Guidance, Consultation and Counseling Program (GCCP) that provide guidance and counseling services under supervision of one academic counselor. It was first started in Institute of Liberal Study as an extended service to support Student Affairs Department in providing guidance and counseling to UNITEN student. GCCP strives to create a conducive, friendly and homely environment to all UNITEN citizens as well as helping them in adjusting and achieving their potential all throughout their study years. Thus the unit provide various guidance services, group session, special need program, informative brochure publishing and short courses. The program initially was focused for the student with learning problem and the program mainly is tailored to their need. With only one academic counselor and one trainee counselor GCCP manage to cater the need for the university.

The program expanded in April 2010 when Teaching and Learning Center took over and parked under its learning support program (LSP). LSP focused on providing training both for staff and student under soft skill development related programs. The activities were double where short courses, guidance and training are also being provided for UNITEN staff. The program also becomes more streamline when it collaborates with Personal Enhancement and Enrichment Program (PEEP) where it reach out to more diverse student population. Through PEEP, involvement from other academic member was more frequent and thus giving a more diversified services then it first establishment.

The service and need for Guidance and Counseling has become greater thus the university decided that it is time to make Guidance and Counseling Unit a service center on its own. 5 July 2011 marked the establishment of Guidance and Counseling Unit UNITEN (GCU) in collaboration with Student Affairs Department. The number of its officer also increases to two licensed counselors and three trainee counselors including in KSHAS campus. (GCU) also have supervised three trainee counselor from two neighboring IPTA. Clearly the (GCU) service is now growing by making network with other reputable institutions.

To enhance GCU service, the administrators feel that internal network also must be set up to ensure a smoother and more efficient service. Thus on 24 August 2011, Koordinator Pembimbing dan Penasihat (K3P) was appointed from every department of academic collages and business units. The idea was to make the coordinator allies to GCU and at the same time function as the frontlines in providing assistance to all UNITEN citizens. The coordinator was carefully selected and trained to ensure the service rendered was at the best of their abilities.

Guidance and Counseling Unit UNITEN move a step further when it introduces E-Counseling on 7 September 2011. E-counseling is another service provided to improve service and time efficiency in giving guidance and counseling to the target group. It also accessible to other by a simple method of free login and registration.

Unit Stucture