PEEP Academic


Subject Clinic 

This programme is designed to cater for students who need personal and dedicated help in their specific subjects on campus. The programme employs an interactive approach between instructor and students. Every student will receive personal attention from an instructor.The maximum number of students per session is limited to 10. The clinic will operate once a week for two hours. As for this method, lecturers of the subjects will be in their respective rooms, students will consult them in order to seek for help if there is any. This will operate according to the lecturers availabilities.

Subject Clinic Process:

1.   Lecturers to make a small briefing regarding Subject Clinics in classrooms

2.   Students view their lecturers' clinics slot and room numbers at CFDS notice boards

3.   Students head to CFDS Admin Office at level 6 to take a Subject Clinics Attendance Card

4.   Students head to meet up with their lecturers via timetable or appointment


Help Classes 

These classes are established to aid students who are weak or slow in their studies who cannot catch up during ordinary class hours. It is also called extra classes in secondary schools or tuition classes in any of the tuition centre outside. The lecturers will set extra hours each week to aid these students who have problems with their subjects to help them improve their understanding. 

Mentoring Programme 

This programme will be opened to all excellent students who scored at least A- for certain subjects such as Maths, Physics and Chemistry to be the mentor for students who failed in the subjects. These excellent students will be trained through Peer Mentoring Workshop I and II to be qualified mentors. This programme will provide more personalized attention to the weak students. This programme has proven to boost students understanding in their study and score a far better grade.