PEEP Student Development

Student Development Committee

Student Development Committee conducts a number of programmes to meet the requirements of University SCORUN programme under Student Affairs Centre. SCORUN stands for Students aCtivitiesOnline Reporting System of UNITEN. It is a merit system established to compliment students in extracurricular activities other than academic. Students need to collect a certain amount of SCORUN to enable them to graduate from UNITEN.
There are a total of five categories under this Committee:

  1. Communication and Entrepreneurship
  2. Leadership and Intellectual
  3. Spiritual and Civilization
  4. Sports and Recreation
  5. Art and Culture

Communication and Entrepreneurship
This category will encourage students to conduct activities that help enhance their communication and entrepreneurial skills. Activities conducted include Secondhand Textbooks Sales, Communication Boot Camp, Public Speaking Competition, Theatre Competition, and so on. 

Leadership and Intellectual
This category is designed to train students in becoming great leaders in future. It is also designed specifically to improve students attitude in handling problems and tasks assigned intellectually. Activities conducted include Leadership Camp, Seminar and Workshops, Campus Survival Competition, Team Building, Appreciation Dinner or Tea, Training of Trainers, Raptor Watch Voluntary, and so on.

Spiritual and Civilization
This category is designed to uphold students spiritual as to lead a Godly life. Students will be given exposure in acknowledging the poor and needy people by carrying out activities like community service. Activities conducted include Car Boot Sales, Motivational Talk From Zero to Hero, Zoo Clean Up Day, Islamic Talk, Inter-faith Talk, and so on.

Sports and Recreation
This category is initiated to promote healthy lifestyles among students. Students will also be exposed about nature by recreational activities such as camping in the jungle. It is also to instil sportsmanship attitude in students themselves. Activities include Basketball 3 on 3 Challenge, Badminton Tournament, Sports Day, Family Day, Hiking, Extreme Sports, and so on. 

Art and Culture
This category is focusing on enhancing students knowledge about Malaysia and International art and culture. As UNITEN has students of different races and nationalities, this category is responsible to conduct activities that help promote the different cultures from different races and nationalities. Activities conducted include Art and Cultural Day, Red Packet Design Competition, Tanglung Designing Competition, Ketupat Folding Competition, Trip to BalaiSeniBudaya, and so on.

Clubs and Societies

Activities under the above five categories are conducted by students from different clubs and societies under College of Foundation and General Studies (CFGS). Clubs and Societies under CFGS are:

  1. Soft-skills Enhancement And Learning Support (SEALS) Association or
  2. Preparatory Programme for Excellence Students (PPES) Society
  3. Junior Counsellor Fellowship (JCF)
  4. Foundation Bureau of Intelligence (FBI)
  5. Integrity Club
  6. Diploma Club