Soft-skills Enhancement and Learning Support (SEALS)

SEALS Programmes are initiated especially for UNITEN staff and students. The programmes include PEEP (Academic, Student Development and Student Workshop Series), Guidance and Counseling Programme, Academic Advising Programme and Staff Support Programme. The programmes are designed to aid them in their pursuit of academic and profesional excellence. For more information, click the pictures below:

Personal Enrichment and Empowerment Programme (PEEP)
Personal Enrichment and Empowerment Programme (PEEP)
Personal Enrichment and Empowerment Programme (PEEP)
Guidance and Counseling Programme
Academic Advisory Programme
MUET Consultation Programme

Personal Enrichment and Empowerment Programme (PEEP)

PEEP is established to assist students in developing and improving their competencies as university students. This programme seeks to enhance students academic excellence and to facilitate their development of soft skills. Students are encouraged to build their knowledge beyond their own academic requirements, for example, the development of soft-skills. Also, they are encouraged to improve their academic results for future excellence and success.
There are three categories of PEEP:

  • Academic
  • Subject Clinic
  • Help or Remedial Classes
  • Mentoring Programme
  • Student Development
  • Student Development Committee
  • Clubs and Societies
  • Student Workshop Series
  • Technical Skills Workshop
  • Soft-skills Workshop
  • English Skills Workshop