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Educators are always being looked up and respected by society and in particular students. There is great expectation from stakeholders on educators. Educators need to be knowledgeable and professional in carrying their duty and upholding the reputation of their institution that they serve. They carry many different roles; these include teachers, motivators, advisors and at times friends to students. They represent their organizations in various functions, occasions, events and conferences. With this, there is a need to prepare educators of CFGS to be professional in shouldering these roles. Hence, the staff support program serve as an intervention program to further enhance the professionalism of educators at CFGS.

Staff Support Program aims to impart knowledge and provide a platform for lecturers to be a professional educators.

Proposed Program

Reflection : Why choose teaching profession?

Some of us have the ambition to become educators since young and that is very good. However, there could be handful of educators who may not have such ambition. For whatever reasons, you have ended up as educators now, it is a time to reflect upon:

  • Am I in the right profession?
  • Is this what I really want and passionate about?
  • What do I want to achieve as an educator?
  • How to motivate myself as an effective educator?

Know Your Industry

In any profession that you embark on, it is natural to have expectation from others that you should know about your industry. For example, if you are a school teacher, your acquaintances will probably expect you to know the education system in Malaysia. Similarly, as an educator in higher education, one should be aware of the landscape of higher education.

  • What must I know about higher education globally?
  • Universities ranking
  • What must I know about higher education landscape in Malaysia?
  • Malaysia National Higher Education Strategic Plan

Professional Educator

Create the brand that you want. The way you act, speak and dress will create the brand and image that you desire. Act, speak and dress professionally when dealing with different stake holders; students, parents, top management, TNB, people of the industry, researchers and international visitors.

  • Act professionally
  • Speak professionally
  • Dress professionally

Understanding and Managing International Students

Managing international students for some of educators can be of great pain, struggle and overload. Probably by understanding more about them would help. 

  • Lets listen and understand first.
  • Understanding their struggles and challenges in a foreign country.
  • Understanding their visa and immigration process.
  • How to manage international students?

Networking Visit

Building network is essential in any field of job. It helps you to understand how other best practices are and leverage in this relationship building for a better career. You will know more people and more people will know you.

  • Building network.
  • Looking beyond your own pastures.
  • Learning from our neighbors.

Healthy Body, Productive Educator

Healthy body will essentially lead to less medical problems. When our body is fit, we can be more efficient and effective in delivering our work. We will be able to stay focused and energized.

  • Do you really want to be fit?
  • Check if you are taking more than you need.
  • No Pain, No Gain
  • Fitness session.