​The Department of Computing offers Foundation in Computer Science (FCS), Foundation in Information Technology (FIT) and Diploma in Computer Science (DCS) programs.


The foundation programs (FCS & FIT) offered by this department will equip the students with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to successfully pursue their respective degree programs. Among the subjects to be undertaken by foundation students are Introduction to Computing, Personal Productivity with Technology, Critical Thinking, Fundamental of Data & Information, etc. Students will also be exposed to various out-of-class activities.


Students successfully completed their FCS program will be able to enter into Bachelor of Science program and those completed their FIT program will be able to enter into Bachelor of Information Technology program.


Students taking Diploma in Computer Science are exposed to a variety of subjects that enable them to either join the workforce or continue with the degree program, upon graduation. Among the subjects to be undertaken under this diploma program are Introduction to Programming, Malaysian Studies, Web Programming, Computer Organization, Multimedia Technologies, Software Engineering, etc. Students will also be doing Final Year project, closely supervised by lecturers and be given the chance to experience working in the industry via Industrial Training program.


With such a wide and comprehensive coverage, student graduated with Diploma in Computer Science are given the freedom to choose any Bachelor degree programs (Science or IT), should they decided to purse with their studies.

The department is equipped with sufficient computer and physics laboratories. All the laboratories are air-conditioned and equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment. Laboratory classes are conducted either by lecturers themselves or tutors, who are closely supervised by the lecturers.​​