​​Department of Business & Social Sciences

The Department of Business and Social Sciences of UNITEN KSHAS Muadzam shoulders two main responsibilities that are; organizing and running the Business Administration Program, both at diploma and foundation level, and providing courses on General Studies across the Muadzam campus to fulfill the requirement of all other academic departments.


The courses offered through our Business Administration Program are being specifically structured to equip students with strong founding knowledge in such area before they embark on the Bachelor in Business Administration programs such as BBA (Hons) in Human Resource, BBA (Hons) in Marketing, BBA (Hons) in Entrepreneurs Development, Bachelor of International Business (Hons) and others. The arranged structure of courses from the program allows the embrace of management knowledge from various perspectives to ensure the sound practice of balanced management that are strategic (i.e. Principles of Management, Consumer and Buyer Behavior) scientific (i.e. Business Statistics, Management Science), diverse (i.e. Principles of Accounting, Principles of Marketing, International Business) and practical (i.e. Business and Company Law, Industrial Training) can be expected from our future graduates.  The quality of the programs are distinct with the recognition from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). 


Courses on General Studies provided by the department complement and strengthen the field specific knowledge acquired by students and such courses are offered at foundation, diploma and degree level. Those courses cover a wide range of areas in general knowledge such as languages, social sciences and humanities, sports and recreation, religion and values and others. Language courses are designed to develop overall language proficiency as well as to develop other skills important for communication. These include public speaking skills, presentation skills and writing skills required for academic purposes as well as those required on the job. The courses also expose students to critical reading and thinking skills through class readings, discussions and group projects. Other courses offered are capable of empowering students with multi knowledge and benefits essential for their campus life and after their graduation. In addition, the department also constantly conducts various student programs and activities that help to boost the soft skills and motivates student to always strive for their best.