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What is Industrial Training?

The Industrial Training Programme exposes the students to real-life working situations in the industry. We work closely with many companies to create opportunities for our final year students in real-life projects. They will work alongside with the professionals and will be immersed in the daily operations of the company.

What is the Industrial Training periods?

Period of Industrial Training in the Bachelor of Business Administration Marketing, Entrepreneur Development and Human Resource Management is 2 months while for the Bachelor of Accounting is 6 months in duration. With the continuous periods, you can effectively get a real life experience in industry.


How can UNITEN students contribute?

The students from the Bachelor of Business Administration Marketing, Entrepreneur Development, Human Resource Management and Accounting have the required skills for development and enhancements in their specific field.

Apart from fulfilling the scientific requirements of the field, the Industrial Training Programme is aimed at imparting an application-oriented training for future graduates capable of performing responsible tasks in different fields of the professional practice. On the basis of a broadly conceived basic knowledge and key competencies graduates are expected to be fully skilled for specific area. To do so the graduate should have a good command of his/her soft skills such as time management, project management, team communication, team work, initiative, resourcefulness, independent learning, work attitude and presentation skills and be able to share, in a team and success oriented way in real life of industry. 

How does the Industrial Training work?

Student is required to report to the company which he/she is attached throughout the Industrial Training period. Students will only be sent to do the industrial training in selected companies that have a good track record or have great potential in providing them with excellent industrial or research programs. Allowance will be given determined by the company to the student. Student will abide with the company's operating hours, dress code and any other human resource requirements.

The student reports to the Officer-in-Charge who is a staff of the company. The Officer-in-Charge supervises the student directly, provides technical guidance and assesses the student's performance. A Liaison Officer who is a lecturer of the Studies Department will be appointed to oversee the smooth running of our student's industrial training.

The Liaison Officer will liaise and visit the Officer-in-Charge and the student during the industrial training. The Officer-in-Charge can communicate to the Liaison Officer for any matters regarding the student during the whole duration of the industrial training.

Students will have to submit a written report for assessment at the end of the industrial training. Officer-in-Charge submits a feedback form every time they visit the student in the company. Each Officer-in-Charge will visit the student at one time during the course of the industrial training. At the end of the programme, the company will submit a feedback form on the student's performance and the student will submit a feedback form on the company.


Industrial Training Procedure

Activity Details Action by
Before going for the training
1 Apply for industrial training placement
-       Application letter (cover letter)
-       Resume/curriculum vitae
-       Verification letter from UNITEN

Register the industrial training details in the industrial training yahoo group: http://asia.groups.yahoo.com/ group/indtrainaccounting/

Submit the Industrial Training Registration Form (FORM A) and the acceptance letter to the industrial training coordinator for approval and confirmation.

3 Approval of the placement.
Issuance of confirmation letter to the registered companies
Upon starting the training (within 2 weeks)
4Submission of FORM B to the industrial training coordinatorStudent
Upon completion of the training
5 Submit to the assigned visiting supervisor:
-        the certified log book
-       the Industrial Training Completion Report form
-       the Industrial Training Report
6Evaluation of logbook and report and submit result summary to the coordinatorVisiting Supervisor /Examiner
7Submission of grades to the Registrar



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