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Finance Unit has and always been one of the main support services department since UNITEN's inception in 1997. It was established with a mission and vision to meet the university's call to be a leading university in the world in 2020.


Finance Unit in KSHAS is one of the subset under the Finance Department at the main campus(Putrajaya Campus). The Finance Department is under the purview of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs, Alumni and Management. It oversees the overall matters pertaining to the university's financial management and administration. This includes the supervision of the implementation of the University's financial policies, directives and procedures and the initiation of the financial plans within the guidelines of the University's policy.

The Finance Department is made up of seven main focused units. These are Reporting/Budgetary, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Management, Grants & Assets, IT/Accounting System and Student Activity/HEP related. Each unit is responsible for different area of the activities taking place within the Finance Department, encompassing areas of control, transactions processing and strategic financial support. Among key provision of financial services to users throughout the University include payment of salaries, expenses, payment to suppliers, invoicing (students and others), debt collection and disbursement of research grants.

Apart from routine operational activities in the respective units, Finance Department also ensures effective internal controls are in place especially on risky areas for example cash management, accounts payable and accounts receivables to comply with regulatory and statutory standards through effective implementation of procedures and systems.

To be an excellent Financial Management and Accounting Services provider that enables the University to be one of the leading universities in the world.

We are committed to provide efficient and professional financial services to meet the needs of interested parties.