Human Resource Department


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The Human Resource Department (HRD) is undeniably the heart of any organisation, as it carries on its shoulder, the burden of managing the organisation's human capital which is more important than the human capital, in ensuring its effectiveness. HRD was established in September 1996. 

The importance of these two HRD tasks has grown substantially over the years because employee's skills, knowledge and abilities are among the most distinctive and renewable resources on which a company can draw. As such, managing and developing UNITEN's human capital effectively is essentially, the focus of HRD at UNITEN. 

In addition, UNITEN as an institution of higher learning recognises that its success depends on its intellectual capital, which is lecturers' knowledge and skills. This intellectual capital can be viewed as a strategic investment rather than simply a cost to be minimised. 

Upon delivering the task of managing its human capital as well as intellectual capital, the HRD has engaged itself in various activities and programmes in order to empower its personnel towards realising the company's vision and mission.

To produce a highly skilful, competitive and competent workforce in the various fields of expertise and excellence in meeting global challenges.

To ensure that the university's requirements of a highly qualified, trained and experienced workforce are always adequate.

HR Units

There are four units in HRD which are as follows:

  • ⚫ Compensation & Benefits
    Responsible for payroll handling, leave management, claims, allowances and reimbursements and interest rate subsidies. 
    ⚫ Staff Training & Development 
  • Plan out all the trainings and development for UNITEN’s staff and studies sponsorship for academic staff. 
    ⚫ Personnel 
  • Responsible in handling HR planning, recruitment and selection, staff replacement, staff performance appraisal, staff upgrading, staff transfer, relocation, and secondment. 
    ⚫ Staff Relations
  • Deals with staff welfare (Socso, funeral expenses), programmes (annual dinner, family day, etc), uniforms, and living quarters.