IT and Multimedia Services



The Department's role is the guarantor of dependable and reliable computer facilities and management information systems in UNITEN KSHAS. The Department's objective is to manage and control the use of computing facilities in UNITEN KSHAS in the safest, most reliable and economic manner.

IT and Multimedia Services which is known as ITMS is divided into several units as follows:
⚫ Computer Operation & Network
⚫ Multimedia Operation
⚫ Printing Operation

To be one of the leading information and communication technology departments amongst higher educational institutions in the world.

To supply quality multimedia, information and communication technology products and services in line with the university's mission

  • To provide reliable and secure information and communication technology resources, equipment and infrastructure
  • To create a conducive learning and working environment.
  • To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the University's business processes through information and communication technology.
  • To promote a paper-less environment.
  • To comply with the statutory requirements e.g. Cyber Law.
  • To comply with the university ICT Policy.

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