Marketing & Public Relations


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Public Relations & Marketing Unit is responsible for communicating key messages and marketing university's programmes as to defined target audiences in order to establish goodwill and understanding between Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) and its customers, whether internal or external. This is proactively achieved through website management, event management, media relations and marketing events. 

In addition, this unit also organizes corporate events and coordinates publications of publicity materials such as newsletters, programme books and others that are related to positive mentions of UNITEN's achievements and milestones. 
In marketing initiative we seeks to enhance and build the brand image of the university by executing marketing and communication strategies and advances the university's goals.


The main functions and responsibilities are:

  1. ⚫ To develop and maintain good working relations with the media. Knowing the media and able to directly contact them is critical to this department as this will pave the way to positive mentions of the University. In other words, a strong media relation is one of the main functions of this department. 

  2. ⚫ To identify and communicate strategic messages for distribution to the media, thus creating public awareness of the University. Constant positive appearances in the media will be able to enhance the credibility of the University as the provider of higher education opportunities. 

  3. ⚫ To immediately attend to complaints in the media or anything of the nature in order to avoid any unnecessary adverse impact on the University's corporate image. 

  4. ⚫ To develop the University's year long calendar of corporate events in order for proper planning on publicity strategies. 

  5. ⚫ To manage and produce the University's promotion materials such as newsletters, annual reports, buntings, banners, programme books and related publications. This also includes the production of souvenirs. 

  6. ⚫ To organise, give advice and coordinate corporate events and visits. 

  7. ⚫ To purchase advertising space/ time and advertorials as required in promoting the University's initiatives or accomplishments. 

  8. ⚫ To provide protocol advisory when required. 

  9. ⚫ To manage the university's website. UNITEN's website is seen as one of the most important marketing and communication vehicles. The website is the first entry to all the public need to know about UNITEN. Hence, a proper and focused management is crucial. 

  10. ⚫ To be the one-stop centre for all complaints and eventually to manage the Customer Relationship Management Centre. 

  11. ⚫ To act as the custodian to the University's visual identity. This is important to ensure constant and uniformed display of UNITEN's corporate identity so as not to mislead general public perception