Public Amenities

Although Bandar Muadzam Shah is only a small town, it has a lot of public amenities, which is by far more numerous than the Rompin township, which it resides.

It has its own hospital, police station, fire department station, meteorogical station, religious department, recently refurbished bus station, road transport department, national registration department, post office, 3 clinics, and 5 commercial banks to cater for its dwellers.

Maybank7 Eleven OutletBank Rakyat
MosqueBank IslamCIMB Bank
Fire DepartmentBank Simpanan NasionalMuadzam Bus & Taxi Station
Road Transport DepartmentNational Registration DepartmentMetrological Station
Religious Affair DepartmentClinicClinic
Police StationTNB OutletPetrol Station
Petrol StationHypermarketHospital