Student Accommodations

The Student Affairs is the unit that responsible to manage on-campus student apartments which is available to UNITEN students. The Student Affairs Unit will ensure the student will having a new experience in discovering academic and social opportunities independently. At UNITEN Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Campus we can accommodate over 3400 students at one time.

There are three student apartments area in the campus which is:

  • Desasiswa Bestari 
  • Desasiswa Ilmiah
  • Desasiswa Harmoni.


In general, each unit of apartment can house four students and comprise several of furniture and equipments such as:

  • Single beds. Mattresses.
  • Side table.
  • Wardrobes.
  • Ceiling fans and lamps.
  • Kitchen cabinet.
  • Dining tables and chairs.
  • Curtains.
  • Study tables and chairs.
  • Study lamp.
  • Internet/computer ports.
  • Rubbish bin.

The Resident Counsellors, Resident Fellows and residential staff are available to assist and advices student trough out semester. Resident Counsellors are responsible to ensure the discipline and peaceful living conditions among the tenets of the respective student accommodation block. Their rules comprises of the following responsibilities:

  • To be directly responsible of their respective block.
  • To ensure all tenants abide by the accommodation rules and regulation and other disciplinary aspects.
  • To ensure that all tenants behave in good manner so as to maintain peace and harmony.
  • To ensure that all activities are planned and implemented orderly.
  • To advice and coach tenets residing at the student apartments.

Contact Person: 
Mohafizs bin Hamzah 
Office Tel: 094552020 Ext: 3114