Exam Results for Bachelor/Diploma Programmes, Special Semester 2013/2014
Updated: 24 April 2014
Foundation Programmes Final Exam Timetable for Trimester 3, 2013/2014
Updated: 11 Apr 2014
Notice for Foundation Students Trimester 3, 2013/2014
Updated: 11 April 2014
Notice to All Degree Students Whose Intake Before May 2012
Updated: 10 April 2014
Examination Announcement to All Degree & Diploma Students
Updated: 27 March 2014
Apply to Graduate (Undergraduate Students) Special Semester, 2013/2014
Updated: 25 February 2014
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For enquiries, feedback, or comments please contact:
STUDENT AFFAIRS CENTRE - Click here to go to site
Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Mat Isa (Director)
Tel : 603-89287540,
Ms Sharifah Mordiah Wan Abdul Rahman
(Deputy Registrar, Student Affairs)
REGISTRAR'S OFFICE - Click here to go to Site
Mr Zulkarnain bin Md Nor
(Deputy Registrar Academic)

Ms Juraini Binti Mohd Saleh (Assistant Registrar, Class Scheduling & Subject Registration)
03-89212020 ext 1138,

Mr Muhammad Hassan Anas bin Anas Muhammad Dzan (Assistant Registrar-Examination & Accreditation)
03-89212020 ext 1123,

Mr Mohammad Haniff bin Mohamed Ariff (Assistant Registrar-Graduation & Convocation)
03-89212020 ext 1354,
Ms Safidah Jun Hj. Mohamad (Deputy Registrar - Enrolment)

Ms Erveinna bte Ismail (Assistant Registrar - Enrolment)
03-89212020 ext 1353,

Ms Fajrul Mona bte Jamal Ariffin (Assistant Registrar-Enrolment)
03-89212143 ext 1115,

Ms Nor Azira bte Razalli (Assistant Registrar-Enrolment)

The University Campus

UNITEN Putrajaya Campus:
Jalan IKRAM-UNITEN, 43000 Kajang, Selangor.
Tel: 603-8921 2020, Fax: 603-8928 7166.
Campus Map

UNITEN Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Campus:
26700 Bandar Muadzam Shah, Pahang.
Tel: 609-455 2020, Fax: 609-455 2000.
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