Business Development Department (BDD)

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  • Business Development Department (BDD) is one of the business units under the purview of UNITEN Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO). It evolved from its first creation as UNITEN Consultancy Centre then becoming UNITEN Training and Consultancy Centre and Institute for Professional Advancement (INSPA).

  • BDD offers and manages professional services to create long-term value for the university from its customers, markets, and relationships with the local and global community. BDD act as catalyst and champion for a wide range of knowledge exchange opportunities. BDD team pro-actively engage with external organizations to identify opportunities for new business collaborations and networks.

  • BDD team work closely with colleagues within the University to provide support and advice on projects involving third parties and welcome opportunities to discuss project ideas and potential collaborationsBDD has vast experiences of more than 20 years and is growing in collection of knowledge.

  • BDD team is dedicated to offer a wide-range of business and development solutions within the niche areas as follows:

    power engineering engineering design IT solutions professional development and leadership training

    language and communications preparatory program for overseas university Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) top-up program business management
    occupational safety and health assessment energy policy workforce well-being 


  • BDD is ready to set up and manage strategic relationships and alliances with third-party organizations by leveraging each other's expertise, technologies or other intellectual property to expand the capacities for identifying, researching, analyzing and bringing to market new businesses and new products.

  • BDD team also focuses on implementation of strategic business plans through the establishment of strategic partnerships with our clients.



    To be a leading business development and Professional services provider.



    We are committed to deliver high quality business solutions and professional services to our customers by capitalising on our internal expertise and leveraging industrial linkages.



    BDD supports the university's quality policy that we strive towards world class excellence to provide high quality and innovative academic programs and services that are accredited and able to prepare students for position in industry, commerce and academic. In line with the university's strategic initiative to achieve service excellence, UNITEN is awarded ISO 9001:2015 MS 1900:2014 certification for both its academic and support services.


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