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 Centres of Excellence 
Institute of Sustainable Energy (ISE) 


Institute of Power Engineering (IPE)


Institute of Energy Policy & Research (IEPRe)  


Centre fo​r Communication Service Convergence Technologies (CCSCT)


Centre for Electric Transportation and Systems (CETS​)


Centre for Engineering Education (CEE)


Centre for Forensic Engineering (CeFE)


Centre for Fluid Dynamics (CFD)


Centre for Information and Network Security (COINS)


Centre for Information Management Governance and Audit (CIGMA)


Centre for Innovation and Design (C4ID)


Centre for Micro & Nano Engineering (CMNE)


Centre for Nuclear Energy (CNE)


Centre for Occupational, Environmental and Safety Engineering (COESE)


Centre for Photonic Technologies (CPT)


Centre for Clean Water & Clean Energy (CWCE)


Centre for Power System Research (CPSR)


Centre for RF Microwave Engineering (CRFME)


Centre for Signal Processing and Control Systems (CSPaCS)


Centre for Smart Grid Technology (CSGT)


Centre for Software Innovation (CSI)


Centre for Sustainable Technology and Environment (CSTEN)


Centre for Systems and Machines Intelligence (CSMI)


Centre of Agent Technology (CAT)



Muadzam Shah

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