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"The establishment of UNITEN R & D Sdn. Bhd. (URND) indicates UNITEN's capability in assisting relevant industries in research areas that UNITEN has identified as its forte as well as high impact areas in order to achieve their goals and compete in economic globalisation. URND aims to explore niche areas of Energy related research which are Sustainable Clean Energy, Power & Energy Services Convergence, Energy Social Sustainability, Energy Infrastructure and Computing and Informatics in Energy. UNITEN/URND has five (5) Research Institutes and more than 30 Research Centres spearheaded by lecturers who are experts in their own areas."

The Five Research Institutes are:

                                                                       ISE       - INSTITUTE OF SUSTAINABLE ENERGY

                                                                       IPE       - INSTITUTE OF POWER ENGINEERING

                                                                       IEPRe  - INSTITUTE OF ENERGY POLICY & RESEARCH

                                                                       IEI        - INSTITUTE OF ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE

                                                                       IICE     - INSTITUTE FOR INFORMATICS AND COMPUTING IN ENERGY




UNITEN R & D Sdn. Bhd. (URND) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Universiti Tenaga Nasional that was established on 18th November 2008. Since then, the company has been operating to provide a platform for research and development activities involving academics and industries to harness the next generation technologies in order to catalyse dynamic, relevant, excellent and productive research in the country. Besides, URND also helps companies to enjoy tax deduction incentives from the Authorities whilst contributing to new knowledge or strengthening existing research.

The company received the title of an approved Research and Development Status Company by Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) which is acknowledged as an approved research entity under Section 34B, of the Income Tax Act, 1967. Apart from that, the company has also registered as a consulting company under Ministry of Finance (MOF).




'To attain global recognition of excellence in energy research and solutions'


'To be the preferred global research and development centre and one of the world leading providers in energy solutions'