Having a humble history beginning as a research interest group consisting of staff and students, the Centre for Advanced Mechatronics and Robotics (Camaro) has grown over the years becoming the focal point for advancing mechatronics and robotics knowledge in the power industry through education, research and innovation. The centres objective is to nurture robotics in the university, community and nation through research, consultancy and education. Additionally, Camaro aims to establish strategic partnerships with other researchers from other research centres, universities, schools and research institutes.


Some highlights of Camaros works include the Thermal Power Station Boiler Header Inspection Robot with TNB Research, 5-DOF Manipulator Robot Arm for use by Malaysia Nuclear Agency, biomimetic swimming robot dugong, development of dexterous robotic arm and hand for deformable object manipulation, multi-fingered robotic hand with haptic interface, and development of educational robotic kits which we use to impart learning of engineering skills to school children.


Camaro currently has collaborative work with TNB Research, Malaysia Nuclear Agency, Loughborough University, Kanazawa University, Maser-Quartzelec, MiGHT (Malaysian Industry Government Group of High Technology) and Havean Idea Sdn Bhd. The centre also has a strong role in supporting education as its members are technical advisors to the Uniten Mobile Robotics Club, SMK Precinct 14 Putrajaya, and SMK Kolej Tunku Kursiah among other. The centre is still open to more collaborative efforts to bring robotics into the local industries and the same time propagating what has been learnt back into our research and teaching modules. This is apparent as students linked to the centre have been known to win industrial and academic accolades both locally and internationally.


Besides actively publishing conference and journal papers and participating in exhibitions, we also assist in organizing the annual Robogamez inter-IHL robotic challenge and conduct robotics workshops to schools.