The Centre for Forensic Engineering (CeFE) serves as the centre of information, research and consultancy activities and testing equipment related to forensic engineering. The centre aims to disseminate knowledge in forensic engineering to the general public and eventually to promote and develop research in the forensic area from a multidisciplinary approach.

COEs Centre for Forensic Engineering (CeFE) staff of engineers and researchers determine causes of failures and damage to a wide range of infrastructural, geotechnical, industrial, commercial and residential properties and related to a wide variety of breakdowns and events which may be due to design problems, construction deficiencies, excessive loading, explosions and fires. Structural analyses, full-scale testing and component tests, computer-aided analysis tools and on-site inspections shall also be undertaken. The assignments may come from many diverse parties including from TNB, PLUS, C&S Consultants. The experience and specialized knowledge developed, along with the laboratory testing capabilities and technical resources, all combine together to uniquely qualify COE in undertaking forensic engineering research and consultancy activities.