Center for Micro & Nano Engineering (CeMNE), College of Engineering, UNITEN is a recently established center of excellent to serve as a center of information, research and consultancy activities and testing equipments in the field of digital and mixed-signal design, semiconductor device characterization, CMOS fabrication process and technology, IC packaging, embedded system design and MEMS applications.


  • Facilitating a networking of staff across Electronics and Communication Department and other Departments in COE through the creation of research interests and consultancy database;
  • Functioning as conduits for staff to apply research grants and contracts involving multi-disciplinary teams across COE;
  • Functioning as the center for information and technology exchange and promoting collaboration with other organizations in and outside Malaysia;
  • Arranging or organizing conferences to encourage further networking and dissemination of research in micro & nano engineering.


To become a Center of Excellence in the field of micro and nano engineering