IEPRe was officially launched on 11th August 2009 as part of the Universiti Tenaga Nasional's Strategic Transformation Initiative to spearhead research and consultancy activities in the field widely considered a niche to UNITEN.
The establishment of Institute of Energy Policy and Research (IEPRe) in UNITEN is timely, as Malaysia needs to focus on the issue related to energy and environment, which would contribute to the government, corporation and other stakeholder in making informed decisions. It is an important facet of the Energy and Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) that merges the technical understanding of engineering and its related disciplines, with knowledge of regulatory and business point of view.
IEPRe has received strong support mainly from Tenaga Nasional Berhad, the Energy Commission and the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water. IEPRe main focus areas include directed research, capacity building, fellowship program and sharing of industrial experiences. IEPRe relies on its internal capability to carry out academic research and consultancy projects in the six research focused areas through collaborations with experts from other institutions and industries. The six research focused areas are summarized in the diagram below:

Researchers from IEPRe work actively with government agencies, the industry and partner research network to deliver quality research. In addition to the research and administrative staff stationed at the institute, IEPRe is able to draw on the expertise of fellow researchers from other colleges in UNITEN and from other universities or research institutes. 

IEPRe is supported by a well-known energy economist which is currently held by Prof. Dr. Ken Koyama. Administratively, IEPRe Governance Committee governs IEPRe programs and IEPRe Technical Committee governs IEPRe projects. Whilst IEPRe funds are under the purview of UNITEN Level Controller, namely, Chief Financial Controller, UNITEN Research and Development Sdn. Bhd., Innovation-Research Management Center, Business Development Department and UNITEN Project Management office.