The IEPRe in UNITEN will lead research projects pertaining to the financial and economic analysis of the industry both on the supply and the demand side. For the supply side, the studies could be in the area of tariff setting, long term energy planning and energy security. On the demand side, it will also look at energy use in all sectors consisting of industry, commercial and domestic users.

The establishment of the IEPRe will enable:

·  Delivery of research and consultancy efforts to the ESI, in the area of Energy Economics which would enable government and industry players make informed decisions on the industry and create an environment of growth and sustainability.
·  Malaysia to be competitive as we would be able to operate our energy industry efficiently and help ensure energy security

·  Malaysia to develop local expertise that are fully knowledgeable with the local electrical power system and its economics enabling a relatively quicker analysis and collaboration with international consultants.