IEPRe Vision & Mission

Our Vision 

             "To be the premier energy policy research institute in Malaysia and the Asia-Pacific region"

Our Mission

             "To conduct independent research and contribute towards capacity building in energy and environment issues relevant to the country's socio-economic goals, which will benefit the public, government, regulators, industry, academia and relevant stakeholders."


Justification/ Rationalization Of  IEPRe Logo


Blue- The colour of energy, that gives inspiration and strength in researching.

Green- The colour of nature that gives balance and initiate changes towards sustainable development.

Black- The colour of mystery that motivates researchers in searching for new approaches and innovations to a new horizon of possibilities in researching.


Crest- A holistic approach to reach out to the world.

Circle – Represents the globe, where IEPRe's vision towards a leading energy policy research institute in line with Uniten's vision to be a leading global energy university that shapes a sustainable future


The design is based on simplicity and refreshing by taking IEPRe wording as the whole idea which allows people to know the institute. The "I" is replaced by "i" to make the whole design related to IEPRe's vision "To be the premier energy policy research institute in Malaysia and Asia- Pacific Region" where the dot of the "i' represent the world. As for the body of "i" resemble the "1" which denotes the meaning of being number #1 as energy policy research.