The quality framework introduced is based on the circle Q which starts from inside-out. Core values (ICV), including shariah is the main "heart" for moving initiatives towards fulfilling the quality standards specified by the Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF), ranking criteria, accreditation, stakeholders and green environment. 

These initiatives would have to go through cycles of improvement and has three key elements, namely Compliance, Enhancement and Advancement.


The explanations of the colors in the logo are as below:

OrangeColor of the quality policy, CV10, perceives as
"heart" of all the initiatives
Blue, Gray and RedCorporate colors of UNITEN & TNB which indicate that the quality initiatives are directly supporting the vision and mission of UNITEN
Yellow, Green and BlueVibrant and energetic colours represent the vibrant workforce from UNITEN community supporting  the quality implementation



"Our Task is to steer University Tenaga Nasional towards world-class excellence through high-quality and innovative programmes and services that gear students for the industry, commerce and academia wherever possible in accordance to shariah principles." 

This policy is simplified by the CV10 concept.




Based on the policy, the quality initiatives include the development of the holistic system of internal audit, which incorporate existing systems such as MQF compliance, ISO, MS, QE, accreditation and ranking. The final objective is to achieve a holistic  quality excellence culture in UNITEN.