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Program Intensif Persijilan Pengajaran & Pembelajaran - PIP3



Program Intensif Persijilan Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran (PIP3) UNITEN is a revised version of Postgraduate Diploma in Education at UNITEN that was conducted between 2012-2017. PIP3 is a 10-day intensive program that requires full attendance to be awarded a certificate of completion. It is an adaptation of KPT’s program module for the professional training of lecturers at IPTA. PIP3 is initially designed for beginner lecturer at UNITEN. It is now open to all. The objective of PIP3 is to equip UNITEN’s lecturers with professional skills in teaching.

For further enquiries on PIP3, please contact :

Mr. T.J. Iskandar

Short Courses


TLC offers a wide range of opportunities for the academic staff to improve and expand their professional skills while at the same time, maintains the features of the teaching and learning policy designed to enable the lecturers to develop and practice effective approaches to teaching.

It is a short term courses that is intended to :

  • Improve lecturers performance (proposed by HOD)
  • Knowledge empowerment (voluntary)

Among the courses offered are below :


Blended Learning

Managing Personal Psyche Thru Personality

Innovation in Educational Tech. for BL Environment

Understand Yourself as a Teacher

Effective Implementation of Active Learning

Designing Assessment for Learning

Moodle LMS

Managing Gen Z in Classroom

Education Technology & Teaching Approaches

Awesome Lecturer With NLP

Problem Base Learning


Development of Virtual Reality Application 

Research in T&L


For further enquiries on Short Courses, please contact :

Dr. Zolman Hari