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03-89212020 Ext: 03-89212331
Department of Computing (CCI)

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Courses Taught

  1. CMPB164 - Principles of C Programming
  2. CMPB475 - Object Oriented Software Engineering
  3. CSEB113 - Principles of Programming
  4. CSEB114 - Principles of Programming
  5. CSEB134 - Programming I
  6. CSEB2113 - Programming I
  7. CSEB213 - Advanced Programming
  8. CSEB214 - Programming II
  9. CSEB254 - Software Quality
  10. CSEB283 - Systems Design
  11. CSEB343 - Object Oriented Design
  12. CSEB3433 - Systems Design
  13. CSEB414 - Object Oriented Software Engineering
  14. CSEB444 - Advanced Software Engineering
  15. CSEB453 - Software Quality
  16. CSEB5223 - Software Construction & Methods
  17. CSNB144 - Programming I With C
  18. CSNB153 - Computer Systems
  19. MSKM513 - Advanced Software Engineering
  20. MSKM613 - Requirements Engineering

Professional Bodies

Research Projects

  2. Thematic relations approach for detecting head modifier compound nouns in malay sentence


  1. Suhaimi Bin Ab. Rahman, BADARIAH BINTI SOLEMON; An English-Malay Translation Memory System; 8Th Ieee International Conference On Computer And Information Technology Workshops, Cit Workshops 2008; ; 08 Jul 2008; Conference Proceeding; SCOPUS
  2. Suhaimi Bin Ab. Rahman; Construction Of Compound Nouns (Cns) For Noun Phrase In Malay Sentence.; International Conference On Information Retrieval And Knowledge Management, Camp’12 (Capaian Maklumat Dan Pengurusan Pengetahuan); IEEE catalog Number : CFP12821-PRTISBN : 978-1-4673-1427-5Cluster : Computational LinguisticPage No: 22-25INDEX by IEEEXplore Digital Library.Organised by : Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, UPM.; 13 Mar 2012; Conference Proceeding; None
  3. Suhaimi Bin Ab. Rahman; Transforming Noun Phrase Structure Form Into Heuristics And Rules For Detecting Compound Noun In Malay Sentence.; Knowledge Management International Conference 2012, Kmice12.; ISBN 978-983-2078-65-4Organized by : UUM College of Arts and Sciences, University Utara Malaysia (UUM).Page no. : 564-568; 04 Jul 2012; Conference Proceeding; ISI
  4. Suhaimi Bin Ab. Rahman; A Relational Compound Noun Database Design Using Normalization Technique; The 2013 International Conference On Computer Science And Information Technology (Csit-2013); This paper index by DBLP index. Note: Still awaiting a hard copy of the proceeding from a secretariat.url: amcs.co/csit2013/ ; 18 Jun 2013; Conference Proceeding; None
  5. Suhaimi Bin Ab. Rahman; Transforming Noun Phrase Structure Form Into Rules To Detect Compound Nouns In Malay Sentences; Journal Of Information And Communication Technology (Jict); JICT Vol. 12, 2013ISSN Print 1675-414Xpp: 161-173url: http://jict.uum.edu.my/index.php/currentissues/viewcategory/19-jict-vol-12-2013; 31 Dec 2013; Journal; SCOPUS
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