Dean's Message

Dear Students,

Welcome to College of Energy Economics and Social Sciences, Universiti Tenaga Nasional with the latest facilities for classrooms, seminar rooms and college offices. The College provides latest newly developed field of studies with the direction, the basis for continuous improvement, and the provision for admissions decisions and student services needed to serve stakeholders. Our focus is on organisation operating internally, externally, and in a global economy and energy economics environment. Effective teaching is our focus and is strongly supported by scholarships and excellent services.

The University has just reached its 22 years celebration of providing excellent and quality tertiary education. It started with a humble beginning as ILSAS, then IKATAN culminating to its present name – a name symbolic with fine and excellent education principles. The University is also an arena for educational development of ideas, critical thinking and preparation of the graduates to the demanding labour markets.

College of Energy Economics and Social Sciences located in Putrajaya Campus, Selangor catering to students in keen pursuits of course disciplines related to economics and energy economics. In doing so, it enhances the values and social interaction among students. Students enrolled at this College also undergo stringent educational trainings to meet the challenging demands of the markets, and we provide such training in order for them to be competitive in the labour market. The University also has links with professional bodies, entrepreneurs, industries and other professions in the country to provide opportunities to graduating students in obtaining employment.

As a student of economics and those who specialised in energy, you will encounter a well-developed curriculum that is constantly being refreshed to expose you to the latest thinking about key economic and energy economics issues. College of Energy Economics and Social Sciences is one of the leading academic faculty that will bring energy economics based knowledge and practical industrial experience into the classroom. As such, I advise all students to experience these educational thrills of the University. I also encourage all students to fully utilise the amenities provided by the University.

At Universiti Tenaga Nasional you will have vast opportunity to develop a lasting network of friends from your years of study through classrooms activities and co-curricular activities. I hope you will take great advantage of what we can offer in assisting your university life and the most remembered experience. Finally, I hope you will succeed to become a highly skilled talent of the future  


Best wishes.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rosmiza Bt Mokhtar
College of Energy Economics & Social Sciences (CES)
Putrajaya Campus
Universiti Tenaga Nasional


About CES

The College of Energy Economics and Social Sciences (CES) strives to provide first class education to prepare students for positions in the industry. The college focuses on the degree of Energy Economics, Business Economics and Social Sciences. The area of specialisation include energy economics, green and environmental economics and business economics. The college features of commerce and economic and faculty with in-depth knowledge and substantial energy industry experience in energy economics, economics of oil and gas, energy policy, energy management, energy audit, energy finance, energy accounting, energy commodity trading and energy law.

All programmes are designed to satisfy the academic requirements of Malaysia Qualifications Agency (MQA). The programme intends to create knowledgeable, competent and well-sought-after professionals with a high degree of aptitude to meet the global business challenges of the energy and climate changes issues.

The College has two Departments – the Department of Economics and Management & the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities.


College Management

Dean, College of Energy Economics and Social Sciences (CES)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rosmiza Bt Mokhtar 

R: TA-6-213 
T: +603-89217500 

Deputy Dean, College of Energy Economics and Social Sciences (CES)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bakhtiar bin Alrazi

R: TA-6-213 
T: +603-89217161

HoD, Department of Social Sciences & Humanities  

Dr Nurulbahiah Binti Awang

R : TA-05-210 
E :
T : 
+603-8921 6690

HOD of Economics & Management Department

Dr. Nurul Wahilah Abdul Latif

R : BA-3-036
E :
T : +603 8921 2020 ext.: 7339