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About Me

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Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Courses Taught

  1. MEFB121 - Manufacturing Processes Lab.
  2. MEHB4063 - Renewable Energy
  3. MEHB513 - Introduction to Nuclear Technology
  4. MEMB233 - Mechanics II: Dynamics
  5. MEMB263 - Theory of Machines
  6. MEMB3014 - Machine Design
  7. MEMB3021 - Machine Design Laboratory
  8. MEMB331 - Machine Design & CAD Lab
  9. MEMB333 - Machine Design
  10. MEMD221 - Mechanics of Materials Lab
  11. MEMD314 - Machine Design
  12. MERB4012 - Final Year Project I
  13. MPRB412 - Project 1
  14. PHYF125 - Physics 2

Professional Bodies

Research Projects


  1. Mohd Syukri Bin Yahya, NASRI A. HAMID; Study Of Neutron Moderation Properties Of Liquid Moderators In Room And Cryogenics Temperature; Iop Conf. Series: Materials Science And Engineering ; ; 26 May 2020; Conference Proceeding; SCOPUS
  2. Mohd Syukri Bin Yahya; Review Of The Microheterogeneous Thoria-Urania Fuel For Micro-Sized High Temperature Reactors; International Journal Of Energy Research; Volume :1, Issue No :Special Issue Review Paper, Article ID :https://doi.org/10.1002/er.5923, Page Start :1, Page End :19, ISSN :1099-114X; 10 Aug 2020; Journal; ISI
  3. Mohd Syukri Bin Yahya; Effect Of Elevated Temperature To Radiation Shielding Of Ultra-High Performance Concrete With Silica Sand Or Magnetite; Construction And Building Materials; Volume :262, Issue No :Article 120567, Article ID :https://doi.org/10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2020.120567, Page Start :1, Page End :7, ISSN :0950-0618; 30 Nov 2020; Journal; ISI
  4. Mohd Syukri Bin Yahya, NASRI A. HAMID; A Preliminary Quantitative Study On The Economic Impacts Of Deploying A Nuclear Power Plant In Malaysia Using Empower Simulation Tool; Journal Of Nuclear And Related Technologies; Volume :18, Issue No :1, Article ID :https://www.jnrtmns.net/index.php/jnrt/article/view/193/191, Page Start :36, Page End :45, ISSN :1823-0180; 01 Mar 2021; Journal; Indexing In Progress