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About Me

Full Name:
Contact Number:
03-89212020 Ext: 7290
Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Academic Qualifications

  1. Master in Electrical Engineering, Uni Tenaga Nasional, 2006
  2. BEng in Electrical Engineering (Power), University of Southampton, UK, 2000

Working Experiences

Position Place of Work Start End
Lecturer Uni Tenaga Nasional 2006 2022
Tutor Uni Tenaga Nasional 2001 2006

Courses Taught

  1. EECB351 - Communication System Lab
  2. EEEB113 - Circuit Analysis 1
  3. EEEB141 - Electronics Design Lab
  4. EEEB211 - Electrical/Electronics Measurement Lab
  5. EEEB221 - Electronics Design Lab
  6. EEEB393 - Power Electronics
  7. EEED121 - Electrical Measurement Lab
  8. EEED2083 - Power System
  9. EEED211 - Electronics Lab
  10. EEED221 - Electrical Power Engineering Lab
  11. EEED283 - Power System
  12. PHYF111 - Physics Laboratory I

Professional Bodies

  1. BEM: Member- 2003
  2. IEEE: - 2011

Research Projects

  1. Environment Effect & deposition accumulation study
  2. LCMS on contaminated insulators


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