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About Me

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03-89212020 Ext: 7535
Department of Graduate Business School

Academic Qualifications

  1. Certificate in Usulludin, Universiti Malaya, 1995
  2. Master of Business Administration, Ohio University, 1994
  3. Diploma in Marketing, Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK), 1990

Working Experiences

Position Place of Work Start End
Marketing Manager Wawasan Waja Sdn Bhd 2002 2003
Senior Lecturer/Program Manager Entrepreneur Institute of Technology 2000 2001
Senior Lecturer/Program Manager City International Institute of Technology 1998 2000
Lecturer Institut Teknologi Tun Abdul Razak 1994 1998
Customer Service Executive Negara Property Sdn Bhd 1992 1994
Restaurant Manager Restoren Rasa Utara Sdn Bhd 1990 1991
Restaurant Manager KFC (M) Sdn Bhd 1988 1989

Courses Taught

  1. EEBB233 - E-Business
  2. ENDB363 - Applied Entrepreneurship Research
  3. ETPB303 - Industrial Training
  4. ETPB353 - Issues In Malaysian Entrepreneurship
  5. ETPB373 - Entrepreneurship Field Studies
  6. MGMB243 - Marketing and Human Resources Management
  7. MGTB233 - Organisational Behaviour
  8. MGTD224 - Management Practice
  9. MKEB333 - International Marketing
  10. MKGB323 - Multimedia Marketing
  11. MKGB333 - Integrated Marketing Communications
  12. MKGB363 - Sales Management
  13. MKGB373 - Applied Marketing Research
  14. MKTB223 - Marketing: Planning & Analysis
  15. MKTB313 - Consumer & Buyer Behaviour
  16. MKTB323 - Profesional Selling
  17. MKTB343 - Marketing Communication
  18. MKTB363 - Marketing Strategy
  19. MKTB413 - Sales Management
  20. MKTB423 - Marketing Decision Support System
  21. MKTB443 - International Marketing
  22. MKTB453 - Marketing Policies
  23. MKTB473 - Advertising Management
  24. MKTD213 - Principles of Marketing
  25. MKTD223 - Marketing Management
  26. MKTF013 - Principles of Marketing
  27. MKTM613 - Marketing Management
  28. MKTM623 - Consumer Behaviour
  29. MKTM633 - International Business
  30. MKTM643 - Strategic Marketing
  31. PMSB213 - Consumer and Buyer Behaviour
  32. PMSB303 - Integrated Marketing Communication
  33. PMSB333 - Sales Management
  34. PMSB363 - Multimedia Marketing
  35. PMSB373 - International Marketing
  36. PNGB233 - Organisational Behaviour
  37. PSYB113 - Psychology
  38. PTMB303 - Industrial Training

Professional Bodies

  1. Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK): Affiliate Member- 2015
  2. Malaysian Consumer and Family Economic Association: Active Member- 2009

Research Projects

  1. Demographic Factors and Financial literacy to Personal Retirement Saving Intention (PRSI) among Malaysia in the East Coast Region (edit)


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  2. Mahiah Bte. Said, Khairul Nizam Bin Surbaini, Fadzilah Bte Embong, Mohd Anuar Awang Idris; The Empirical Study On The Determinants Of Moslem Consumers To Purchase Halal Products.; Jurnal Manajemen & Bisnis, Universitas Surabaya; ISSN 1412-3789,Vol.9, No. 1, March 2010, pp 45-58; 01 Mar 2010; Journal; None
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  4. Mahiah Bte. Said; The Effects Of Consumer Congruence (Country-Of-Origin, Religiosity Commitment And Consumer Ethnocentrism) On Consumers’ Perception And Purchase Intention Of Malaysia’S Halal Food Products.; 3Rd International Conference On Marketing And Retailing, 2011; 3rd International Conference on Marketing and Retailing, 2011; 06 Oct 2011; Conference Proceeding; None
  5. Mahiah Bte. Said; Empirical Study On The Influence Of Country-Of-Origin Effects Towards Global Consumers' Perception Of Malaysia's Halal Food Products.; Reformance Pattern Of Production And Consumption National Symposium; International Center for Science, HIgh technology and Environmental Sciences,Kerman Institute of Higher Education,Iran; 09 Oct 2011; Conference Proceeding; None
  6. Mahiah Bte. Said, Adnan Bin Abd. Hamid, SHAARI MD. NOR; Examining The Consumers’ Level Of Satisfaction And Receptivity Of Facebook’S Marketing Messages; 16Th National Macfea Seminar 2012; 16th National MACFEA Seminar 2012; 10 Jul 2012; Conference Proceeding; None
  7. Rusnita Bte. Alimun, Mahiah Bte. Said, ZURINA BINTI ISMAIL; Understanding Level Energy Conservation Among Students Of Malaysian Higher Learning Institution; National Symposium & Exhibition On Business And Accounting 2013; The unsustainable consumer behavior is creating an imbalance development in the economic,social and ecological levels. Having the awareness and knowing the side effects of excessive consumption of resources calls for conservation behavior. The purpose of this study is to explain the conservation behavior as one of the aspects in green management and its significance in supporting and materializing the objective of energy saving. The findings will reveal the level of conservation behavior among students based on their understanding on the subject matter.; 19 Jun 2013; Conference Proceeding; None
  8. Mahiah Bte. Said; A Conceptual Approach In Examining The Factors Influencing University Students Choice Of Higher Learning Institution And Their Study Intention; Nseba 2013; NSEBA 2013; 19 Jun 2013; Conference Proceeding; None
  9. Mahiah Bte. Said; Customer Satisfaction Of The Call Management Center Service Quality – Identifying The Service Gap Using Servqual Scale; Nseba 2013; NSEBA 2013; 19 Jun 2013; Conference Proceeding; None
  10. Mahiah Bte. Said; Demographic Factors To Personel Retirement Saving Intention (Prsi) Among Malaysian In East Coast Region; International Conference Of Business Innovation,Engineering 2Oi3 (Icobiee 2013); INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF BUSINESS INNOVATION,ENGINEERING 2OI3 (ICOBIEE 2013); 06 Dec 2013; Conference Proceeding; None
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  13. Mahiah Bte. Said; The Determinants Of Halal Consumption Congruence (Hacc) That Influence The Purchase Intention Of Malaysia's Halal Food Products; 4Th International Malaysia-Ireland Joint Symposium On Engineering, Science And Business; 4TH INTERNATIONAL MALAYSIA-IRELAND JOINT SYMPOSIUM ON ENGINEERING, SCIENCE AND BUSINESS; 25 Jun 2014; Conference Proceeding; None
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