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About Me

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03-89212020 Ext: 7334
Department of Accounting & Finance, Department of Graduate Business School

Academic Qualifications

  1. PhD, Victoria University, Melbourne, 2015
  2. MBA Finance, University of Hull, U.K., 1996
  3. BA (Hons) Financial and Legal Studies, Sheffield Hallam University, U.K, 1994

Working Experiences

Position Place of Work Start End
Senior Officer EON Bank Berhad 1997 2001
Dealer Phillip Securities Group 1996 1997

Courses Taught

  1. EMSM643 - Energy Efficiency & Risk Management
  2. FICB213 - Corporate Finance
  3. FICB233 - Investment
  4. FICB323 - Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  5. FICB344 - Project Paper in Finance
  6. FICB373 - Personal Financial Planning
  7. FICB393 - Contemporary Issues in Finance
  8. FICD233 - Investment Analysis
  9. FIEB363 - Project Paper in Finance
  10. FIEB394 - Contemporary Issues in Finance
  11. FINB213 - Principles of Finance
  12. FINB223 - Financial Management
  13. FINB303 - Financial Statement Analysis
  14. FINB313 - Corporate Finance
  15. FINB333 - Investments
  16. FINB413 - International Finance
  17. FINB423 - Security Analysis
  18. FINB453 - Insurance & Risk Management
  19. FIND123 - Financial Management
  20. FIND233 - Investment Analysis
  21. FINM623 - Valuation and Investment Analysis
  22. FITD113 - Principles of Financial
  23. FNCB113 - Financial Management
  24. FNCB213 - Corporate Finance
  25. FNCB223 - Financial Statement Analysis
  26. FNCB233 - Investment
  27. FNCB323 - Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
  28. FNCB333 - Insurance & Risk Management
  29. FNCB344 - Project Paper in Finance
  30. MEPM633 - Energy Project and Risk Assessment
  31. MFVM623 - Valuation and Investment Analysis

Professional Bodies

  1. Malaysia Finance Association: - 0

Research Projects

  1. Bonus Issue Announcements and Stock Market Reaction
  2. Comparative Performance of Conventional Funds with Islamic Funds and between Assets Allocation Types
  3. Comparison of Dividend Policy Across Industry in Bursa Malaysia
  4. Semi-strong Form Efficiency : Market Reaction to Dividend & Earnings Announcement in Bursa Malaysia
  5. Semi-strong Form Efficiency : Market Reaction to Dividend & Earnings Announcements in Bursa Malaysia
  6. Share Buybacks and Its Effect on Stock Returns in Bursa Malaysia
  7. The Effect of Forecast Earnings Errors in IPO Prospectus on Shareholders Return
  8. The Influence of Corporate Governance Mechanisms Towards Derivatives Hedging Policy in Malaysia (Edit1)


  1. Baharuddin Muhammad Hussin, SHAZLINI BINTI OSMAN; The Effect Of Forecast Earnings Errors In Ipo Prospectus On Shareholders Return; Uniten International Business Management Conference (Uibmc); UIBMC 1st International Conference 2004, Kuantan, Pahang.; 06 Dec 2004; Conference Proceeding; None
  2. Baharuddin Muhammad Hussin, Azwan Bin Abdul Rashid; Comparative Performance Of Conventional Funds With Islamic Funds And Between Assets Allocation Types In Malaysia; National Seminar In Islamic Banking And Finance (Ibaf 2006),; IBAF 2006 organised by Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM).; 30 Aug 2006; Conference Proceeding; None
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  4. Baharuddin Muhammad Hussin; Semi-Strong Form Efficiency: Market Reaction To Dividend And Earnings Announcements In Malaysian Stock Exchange; Iup Journal Of Applied Finance; Vol. 16, No.5, 2010.ISSN 0972-5105 ; 01 May 2010; Journal; None
  5. Baharuddin Muhammad Hussin; Commodity Risk Exposure And Corporate Sustainability Through Risk Management Policy In Malaysian Stock Exchange; 6Th International Economics And Business Management Conference; IEBMC Kuantan, PahangISBN: 978-967-5770-41-8; 03 Oct 2013; Conference Proceeding; None
  6. Baharuddin Muhammad Hussin; Corporate Governance Of Financial Distress Firms (Pn17) In Bursa Malaysia; National Symposium & Exhibition On Business And Accounting (Nseba 2014); National Symposium & Exhibition on Business and Accounting 2014, Universiti Tenaga Nasional; 19 Mar 2014; Conference Proceeding; None
  7. Baharuddin Muhammad Hussin; Hedging, Corporate Governance And Firm Value: Empirical Evidence On Risk Management From An Emerging Market; Hedging, Corporate Governance And Firm Value: Empirical Evidence On Risk Management From An Emerging Market; Chapter Title : Hedging, Corporate Governance and Firm Value: Empirical Evidence on Risk Management from an Emerging Market, Book Title : Hedging, Corporate Governance and Firm Value: Empirical Evidence on Risk Management from an Emerging Market, Book Editor :Baharuddin M Hussin, Sardar MN Islam, Publisher :Nova Science Publishers, New York, Year Publish :2017, ISBN :978-1-53611-985-5, No of Pages :202; 01 Jun 2017; Book; ISI
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