How to Apply?
Malaysian Applicants - Online Application


Apply online using our :

Apply Now - UNITEN Online Application System (UniApps)

  • Please prepare these documents before you start - picture/scan of Identity Card (IC) and SPM or O-level/equivalent/other examination result.
  • Register first by providing your full name, email and mobile number.
  • You will be given an account. Login with registered account username and password.
  • Choose your highest qualification. Important! You cannot change your highest qualification once entered.
  • Fill in your personal information.
  • Key-in your SPM/O-Level/equivalent results.
  • Upload picture/scan of Identity Card and SPM or O-level/equivalent/other examination result.
  • Finalise and confirm your application. Make sure all necessary data are fully entered.
  • Print your covering letter.
  • Log out.

Additional for postgraduate applicants, please include the following documents:

  • Research Proposal (for PhD & Master Research Programmes only)
  • Recommendations from two referees (preferably academic referees). The referee form will be emailed directly to the referees (suggested by the applicant). Please ensure that the referees fill the form and email it back within 7 days.


If you have not submit the documents online in Step 1, please post the following documents (hardcopy).

  • Copy of Identity Card
  • Copy of SPM or O-level/equivalent/other examination result

Post to this address:

Marketing & Corporate Communications Department
Level 1, Administration Building
Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)
Putrajaya Campus
43000 Kajang, Selangor.

You may also submit the documents by hand at UNITEN Customer Centre (UCC), Ground Level, Administration Building, Putrajaya Campus.


Offer letter will be emailed to you after these documents are verified. You may also checked you offer letter in UNITEN Online Application System using the same login info.


Should you wish to accept our offer, make the payment of RM1,348 (Registration Fee) to Universiti Tenaga Nasional using the FPX in the application (UniApps) portal.

After completing your transaction, email the proof of payment to If you've any payment issue, kindly write to the same email.


Enrol. Welcome to UNITEN.

Now that you’ve applied, there might be follow-up from our friendly staff on your information verification and documentation evidences (if not completed during application). So, don’t forget to stay in touch.

See you in UNITEN!