Published on Tuesday, March 7, 2023

7 MARCH 2023 – The Food Bank Wakaf Rahmah Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) programme launched today is aimed at helping underprivileged students, especially those from the B40 and B10 groups, with the cost of living.

Deputy Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Minister Fuziah Salleh said the programme was also a continuation of the Food Bank Siswa programme implemented by the ministry since February 2019.

She said the Food Bank Wakaf Rahmah programme would benefit 1,000 students. “The programme is using food pantry concept where UNITEN will provide a place to store food donations and coordinate the distribution of donations to students according to a set schedule,” she said when launching the programme here.

Fuziah said UNITEN was the first university to implement the Food Bank Wakaf Rahmah programme and the 30th to implement the Food Bank Siswa.

“The Food Bank Siswa programme has been expanded to 29 institutes of higher education, polytechnics and teacher education institutes and has helped a total of 21,105 students in need,” she added.