Duration of Study
2 - 7 Years (minimum 4 semesters)
Intakes Period
Feb, Jun, Sep
Certified by
MQA (R/520/8/0041
Entry Requirements
Programme Structure
Career Prospect

Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering)
MQA (Ref. No: A8615)

Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering) is a full research program where candidates are given unique opportunity to follow their interest in a specialized area of research (including major research areas of electrical, electronics, mechanical and civil engineering) for 2-7 years and make an important academic contribution to the knowledge of chosen research area.

Students are given opportunity to experience the role of lab instructor and handling tutorial for Diploma / Foundation / Bachelor student in exchange for discount of fees (subject to approval of the respective semester)

Prospective students are future researcher / academician in university or research institution, R&D Engineer, Engineering Specialist and entrepreneur.

The course duration for this program is minimum two (2) years and maximum seven (7) years.

Dr. Noor Shamsiah bte Othman

Please scan for Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) certification of this programme.

Structure A - PHD

  • Bachelor Degree recognized by Senate PPT; AND
  • For International students: Test Of English As A Foreign Language (TOEFL) score 500 or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score 5.0 or the equivalent.


  • No direct entry from Bachelor degree to Doctorate degree.
  • A qualified Bachelor degree candidate who registered for Master’s degree, can apply to change registration of study to Doctorate degree program with the duration of one (1) year after registration to Masters degree program subject to the following requirements:

                                               Shows competence and ability to conduct research at the stage of Doctorate degree

                                               Detailed assessment by PPT

                                               Obtains approval from PPT Senate


Also known as full research programme, students enrolled into this type of programme will be required to do Research with the help and assistance/guidance of a supervisor.

What is Research?

Research is defined as a systematic investigation into a problem/existing knowledge in order to establish new facts and knowledge that is considered useful and significant to the knowledge community. In UNITEN, the skills of executing a systematic investigation/research is emphasized whereby each student are required to attend a mandatory Research Methodology course organised by COGS. Apart from learning on ways to do effective research/investigation, the Research Methodology course exposes the students to a various techniques in establishing, verifying and defending the knowledge that the student have found throughout his/her research.

  • Full Time
    Registered and present for 2 semesters per year*

  • Part Time
    Registered for each semester and fulfil a residential requirement of at least 1 semester during the period of study in addition to 10 working days per year*

    * Structure A candidate, including part-time mode is required to register and enroll in the Research Methodology course for a full semester during the first year of candidature.


Key Research Areas

  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering:
    Renewable energy and sustainability, automation and embedded computing system, signal processing and control systems, communications systems and networks, radio frequency and microwave engineering, system and machine intelligence, photonics technologies, micro and nano engineering, distributed generation, renewable energy and energy efficiency, power system analysis, power quality, and high voltage systems.


  • Mechanical Engineering:
    Automotive, mechanical design & mechanics, robotics and mechatronics, control and automation, renewable energy and sustainability, thermal system and energy, advanced materials, advanced nuclear technology, and sea to space.


  • Civil Engineering:
    Construction materials science and engineering, environmental and wastewater engineering, geotechnical and geological engineering, water resources engineering, structural engineering, highway and transportation engineering, forensic engineering, and project management.
  • Engineering Specialist
  • Researcher/academician in university or research institution
  • R&D Engineer and
  • Entrepreneur.
Tuition Fees


RM 4,750 / semester


RM 5,250 / semester

USD 1,313 / semester

Other Fees



RM 1,000


RM 780 / semester


EMGS & Application

RM 3,150

USD 788


RM 6,600

USD 1,650


RM 780 / semester

USD 195 / semester

Miscellaneous Fee = RM348. Deposit for Accommodation (if applicable) = RM250. Subject to terms and conditions. All fees are in Malaysian Ringgit (RM). Fees in USD are for reference only (USD1=RM4). Other optional fees/charges include accommodation, electricity, parking, and some student facilities within UNITEN.

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