UNITEN R&D Roles for UNITEN IP & Commercialisations

Published on Monday, January 28, 2019

Dear Researchers,

Beginning 1st February 2019, UNITEN R&D (URND) will coordinate and manage:

  • All new intellectual property (IP) applications – patent, copyright, industrial design, trademark etc.
  • Commercialisation activities

Please direct your application and queries to Puan Noor Hanison (hanison@uniten.edu.my) ext: 7346.

For IP registration application submitted last year, you may communicate with Puan Raja Hanisah (hanisah@uniten.edu.my) ext: 3083 and Prof Madya Dr. Fairuz Abdullah (Fairuz@uniten.edu.my) ext: 7331 for updates.

We believe URND will be able to successfully develop and commercialise innovative ideas from UNITEN's researchers for the benefit of our beloved nation.

Thank You.