Research Fellows


Dr. Nora Yusma Binti

Mohamed Yusop


Position: Director 

Qualification: Master in Islamic Economics (UM), PhD in Business Management - Energy Economics (UNITEN)

Research Forte: Energy Economics, Energy Security and Sustainability, Macroeconomy



Ts. Dr. Siti Indati binti Mustapa @ Jaafar

Position: Head of Unit, International Networking and Partnership 

Qualification: Bachelor of Science, Computer Science  (UPM), Master Degree Computer Science (UPM), PhD in Business Management (UNITEN)

Research Forte: Energy and Environment, Transport, Energy Policy and Energy Sustainability


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Dr. Noor Raida binti

Abdul Rahman

Position: Head of Unit, Government and Industry Relations 

Qualification: Bachelor of Management, Accountancy (UTM), Master of Science, Accounting (IIUM), PhD in Accounting, (UTM)

Research Forte: Carbon Reporting, Carbon Performance, Corporate
Governance, Earnings management, Financial Performance, Working Capital Management




Ts. Dr. Amar Hisham bin


Position: Head of Unit, Publication 

Qualification: Bachelor of Science, Remote Sensing (UTM), MBA Strategic Management (UTM), PhD in Organizational Behavior, USM

Research Forte: Energy Efficiency, Energy Reliability, Sustainable Energy Behavior, and Energy Reporting Practice


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Dr. Muhummad Khairul Islam

Position: Head of Unit, Program and Short Course 

Qualification: Bachelor of Accounting (National University of Bangladesh), Master of Management (IIUM), PhD in Business Admin (IIUM)

Research Forte: Energy, service quality, natural gas market, supply chain and human resource management


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Associate Researchers


Prof. Dato' Dr. Salina bt Daud


Academic Qualification: Diploma in Actuarial Science (UiTM), BAchelor in Business Administration (UIAM), MAster in Management Science and Operational Research (Uni of Warwick, UK), PhD in Business Management (UNITEN)

Research Forte: Social Transformation & Innovation



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amanuddin bin Shamsuddin

Academic Qualification: Bachelor of Commerce (Uni of Newcastle, Australia), Bachelor of Accounting (UiTM), Master of Accounting (UiTM), PhD in Accounting (UiTM)

Research Forte: Intellectual Capital, Auditing and Assurance, Corporate Governance & Ethics, Accounting Education

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rusinah bt Sirun

Academic Qualification: Bachelor of Business Administration (UKM), Diploma in Education (UKM), Master of Business Administration (Uni of Kent Canterbury, UK), PhD (UPM)

Research Forte: Social Sustainability Transformation & Development



Assoc. Prof. Dr. R. Jegatheesan A/L V. Rajadurai

Academic Qualification: 

Research Forte: Global Sustainability Development, Green Marketing, Green Management, Gen Y Behaviors, Tertiary Education Quality Practices


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bakhtiar Alrazi

Academic Qualification: PhD in Accounting (Auckland, New Zealand)

Research Forte: Climate Change and Sustainability Reporting, Corporate Governance, Stakeholder Engagement




Assoc. Prof. Dr.Norhayati Mat Husin


Academic Qualification: Bachelor in Commerce & Management (Lincoln University, New Zealand), Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) (Lincoln University New Zealand), Master of International Consultancy & Accounting (The University of Reading, UK), PhD (Auckland University of Technology)

Research Forte: Sustainability Accounting, Corporate Governance, Socioeconomic Impact Studies


Dr. Nor Hamisham

Bt Harun


Academic Qualification: 

Research Forte: Sustainability Development, Energy Economics, Economics

Dr. Nor Salwati

bt Othman


Academic Qualification: PhD in Business Management (UNITEN)

Research Forte: Environmental Economics, Energy Economics & Business Economics

Dr. Suzaida bt Bakar


Academic Qualification: Bachelor in Business Administration (UUM), Master of Science (UUM), PhD with Distinction (UPM)

Research Forte: Financial Engineering & Innovation, Energy Security, Social Sustainability Development

Dr. Azlina bt Abdullah

Academic Qualification: Bachelor in Economics (IIUM), Master of Economics (IIUM), PhD in Business Management (UNITEN)

Research Forte: Energy Economics, Energy Management, Smart Meter and Energy Sustainability

Dr. Nurul Wahilah bt Hj Abdul Latif


Academic Qualification: Diploma in Banking (UiTM), Bachelor in Economics (UKM), Master in Financial Economics (UKM), PhD in Business Management (UNITEN)

Research Forte: Sustainable Growth, Energy Economics, Economics of Innovation, Financial Economics

Puan Siti Fara Fadila Bt Abd Razak

Academic Qualification: Bachelor in International Financial Economics (UMS), Master in Finance (UPM)

Research Forte: Global Sustainability Development, Financial & Social Innovation


Dr. Vathana A/P Bathmanathan

Academic Qualification: Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (University of Wolverhampton), Masters in Science Corporate Communication (UPM), PhD in Business Management (UNITEN)

Research Forte:


Prof. Ir. Dr. Izham Zainal Abidin

Academic Qualification: Ordinary National Diploma in Engineering (Coventry Technical College), B.Eng in Electrical Engineering (University of Southampton), PhD in Electrical Engineering (Power) (Strathclyde University)

Research Forte:


Ts. Dr. Gasim Hayder Ahmed Salih

Academic Qualification: BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering (Omdurman Islamic University), MSc Environmental Engineering (UPM), PhD Civil Engineering (UTP)

Research Forte:


Dr. Rosima Bte Alias

Academic Qualification: Diploma in Education (KPLI) (KPT), Bachelor of Honors (Public Administration) (UUM), Master of Science in HRD (UPM), PhD (UKM)

Research Forte:


Dr. Tan Ee Sann

Academic Qualification: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons) (UNITEN), Master of Mechanical Engineering (UNITEN), PhD in Engineering (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Research Forte:


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zuraidah Bte Ali

Academic Qualification: Certificate in Qualitative Research (University of Georgia, USA), B.Ed (Hons) TESL (UM), MEd (Measurement & Evaluation) (UTM), PhD (English Language Studies) (UKM)

Research Forte:


Prominent Researcher



Prof. Dr. Ken Koyama

Position: Chair in Energy Economics of Energy Commission at UNITEN

Research forte:  Economic and Political Analysis of the World Oil Market / Economic and Political Analysis of the World Natural Gas Market / Energy Security and Geopolitics of Energy

Distinguished Professor Dr. Dato' Rajah Rasiah


Position: Visiting Professor

Research forte:  Technology and international development, foreign investment, human capital, public health and environment



Post-Doctoral Researchers


Dr. Norsyahida bt Mohammad

Qualification: Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical)(University of Melbourne), Master of Engineering (Sustainable Energy)(RMIT University, Melbourne), PhD in Chemical and Process Engineering (UKM)

Research Forte: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Technology and Policy, Fuel Cell Science and Technology, Proton Exchange Membrane Synthesis and Characterization


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Dr. Saraswathy D/O Kasavan

Qualification: Bachelor of Economics (Natural Resource) (UMT), Master of Management (Integrated Coastal Zone Management) (UMT), PhD in Environment and Development (UKM)

Research Forte: Solid Waste Management, Sustainable Food Waste Management (SFWM), Environment Management, Behavior studies, Energy Consumption




Other Researcher


Mrs. Amalia Nabilla binti Azman

Position: Research Officer, Chair of Energy Economics

Qualification: Bachelor of Economics (Hons) (IIUM), Master of Economics (IIUM)

Research Forte: International Trade, Islamic Economics, Energy Economics 


Mr. Ahmad Khusyairi bin Che Rusli

Position: Research Officer, Fuel Security

Qualification: Bachelor of Accounting (UNITEN), Master of Economics (UPM)

Research Forte: Network Economy, Macroeconomics, Econometrics


Ms. Syarifah Mardhiah bt Syed Salim

Position: Graduate Research Assistant

Qualification: Bachelor of Economics (IIUM), Master of Development Economics (UKM)

Research Forte: Development Economics, International Economics, Econometric 


Mrs. Nisaa Husnina bt Zulkifli

Position: Research Assistant, Gas Liberalization 

Qualification: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (hons)

Research Forte: Metal Organic Framework (Material), Gas Pricing Mechanism