In the new era of globalisation, it can be seen that world commerce has accelerated tremendously. This is possibly due to the ability of mankind to design, manufacture, market, trade and re-engineers products at a pace never seen before on the planet.This has given rise to numerous other forms of economic activity such as transportation, financial services, infrastructure development, et cetera all of which has a common denominator - energy. This link between economic activity and the need for energy puts the latter at the centre of the equation for all enterprises and investors to consider.In view of the above, it is imperative that for the long term sustainability and growth of a nation, the energy issue is addressed quickly and accurately. This is because energy investments are lumpy and mistakes cannot be undone easily and will cost the nation dearly.

IEPRe activities are divided into three clusters namely Chair Program, Chair Projects and Chair Partnering. These activities focuses on:

  • Energy Economics
  • Energy Security
  • Energy Policy, Energy & Environment
  • Energy & Social Sustainability and
  • Energy Supply Industry.

Among the current research interests in the six areas are depicted in the diagram below:


Researchers from IEPRe work actively with government agencies, the industry and partner research network to deliver quality research. In addition to the research and administrative staff stationed at the institute, IEPRe is able to draw on the expertise of fellow researchers from other colleges in UNITEN and from other universities or research institutes.

IEPRe is supported by a well-known energy economist which is currently held by Prof. Dr. Ken Koyama. Administratively, IEPRe Governance Committee governs IEPRe programs and IEPRe Technical Committee governs IEPRe projects. Whilst IEPRe funds are under the purview of UNITEN Level Controller, namely, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), UNITEN Research and Development Sdn Bhd, Innovation-Research Management Center (iRMC), Business Development Department (BDD) and UNITEN Project Management Office (PMO).