UNITEN is committed to becoming a globally competitive and energy-focused university. Energy focused projects such as solar and biodiesel powered vehicles are currently being developed in order to achieve our goal by 2020. In addition, the 2016-2020 Research Roadmap has clearly identified worthy research areas that will keep UNITEN competitive and relevant.

We are keen to identify opportunities, research and programmes that correspond to the long term needs of our stakeholders. More than RM100 million research grants and consultancy projects have been secured by UNITEN’s researchers so far.

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Published On 01 December 2011

UNITEN Research Achievements 2011

UNITEN organised 5th International Conference on Information Technology and Multimedia

UNITEN launched the Solar Ranger 2

UNITEN obtained a 2 star ratin…

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Published On 01 December 2010

UNITEN Research Achievements 2010

Perodua Eco Challenge Project 2010

UNITEN started its journal, International Journal of Electronics, Computer and Communications Technologies (IJECCT), pu…

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Published On 01 December 2009

UNITEN Research Achievements 2009

The Institute of Energy Policy and Research (IEPRe) was launched in August 2009 as part of UNITEN’s strategic transformation. With the support and cooperat…

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Published On 01 December 2008

UNITEN Research Achievements 2008

Flag-off Biodiesel Project: UNITEN to Langkawi (12 February 2008)

UNITEN started its printed-only journal, Journal of Energy & Environment (JEE), publ…

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Published On 01 December 2007

UNITEN Research Achievements 2007

Research Management Centre (RMC) was established on 1 March 2007 to provide a proper mechanism and research management system to the researchers in UNITEN