(Reg. No. PPAB - 14/2009)

Yayasan Canselor UNITEN (YCU)  was set up in Universiti Tenaga Nasional with the aim of developing, enlightening and empowering individuals through education. Therefore, YCU, under the patronage of His Excellency, Tun Datuk Seri Utama (Dr) Haji Abdul Rahman Haji Abbas, aims to achieve its fundamental that is to acquire, administer and distribute funds to facilitate education opportunities for deserving Malaysians.

YCU was incorporated on 2 June, 2009, under Seksyen 2 Akta Pemegang Amanah (Pemerbadanan) 1952 (Akta 258) as Pemegang Amanah Yayasan Canselor Universiti Tenaga Nasional Berdaftar. YCU was officially launched by T.Y.T. Tun Dato' Seri Utama (Dr.) Haji Abdul Rahman bin Haji Abbas on 11 October 2011.





Dermasiswa Application Form Download
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YCU Student Associates (YSA) Form Download
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For direct contributions, please bank in to one of the following bank accounts:

CIMB Bank (Islamic) : 8600697884

Maybank (Islamic) : 562142419119

(Kindly email proof of donation, together with your name and address to ycu@uniten.edu.my. Receipt for tax exemption purposes will be mailed to the address provided.)

All proceeds made to YCU will enjoy tax exemption as stipulated in sub -section 44(6) of the Income Tax Act 1967.