UNITEN Global Exchange & Mobility (360°GEM)


Internationalisation of higher education has made study abroad program an essential part of university learning process. UNITEN, in its effort to internationalise its brand and identity has made the commitment to embark into UNITEN Global Exchange & Mobility (UNITEN 360° GEM).

UNITEN encourages its students to participate in UNITEN 360° GEM as it offers a unique opportunity for students both undergraduates and postgraduates to undergo a process of interaction which will broaden their educational and life experiences. The UNITEN 360° GEM for academic study is open to UNITEN students (outbound) as well as incoming foreign and non-UNITEN local students (inbound).

UNITEN has established partnerships with several foreign institutes or universities to conduct SMP through a formal exchange agreement. This is to ensure cooperation in registering subject, transferring credit, admission procedure, immigration documentation and financial matters has achieved mutual agreement between both parties.

360° GEM Category (Inbound & Outbound)

  • Oversea Transfer Program
  • Student Exchange (1-2 semesters)
  • Study Abroad (1-2 semesters)
  • Educational Visit (min. 3 days)
  • Research/Industrial Attachment/Internship
  • Short Course (IEP/Language/Culture)

The purposes of the program are:

  • To provide an affordable opportunity to study in another country or another institution within Malaysia.
  • To provide an opportunity for students to experience living abroad and learn about a different country and institution.
  • To learn about another culture and gain a broader understanding of their area of study in a different surroundings and global issues.
  • To increase networking and make new friends, especially in the context of national and international connections.
  • To give experiences of traveling while studying which can be very enriching experience.
  • To enhance future job prospects globally.
  • To increase foreign language proficiency.​​




This section provides you with comprehensive information about global exchange and mobility in UNITEN for both internal and external users.



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The UNITEN 360° GEM policy provides you with information on eligibility, criteria for application, selection, application process and terms and condition of UNITEN 360° GEM.



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The UNITEN 360° GEM process provides the flow chart/ process flow of UNITEN 360° GEM for both inbound and outbound programmes. The flow chart also indicates responsibilities of respective departments/colleges/centers in facilitating the UNITEN 360° GEM students.


> Application Dates for Inbound Students

All application must reach UNITEN five months before the registration day or commencement of new semester.

The application form may be submitted to International Office via  azlinamn@uniten.edu.my or through the international office of home university.


> College Review Form

College Review Form is found in the last page of the UNITEN 360° GEM Application Form, both for Inbound and Outbound students. It is used internally by college to review the application of inbound and outbound students participating in UNITEN 360° GEM.


> Note

The application form must be completed before submitting to our Liaison Officer, for ease of college's consideration and student visa application, where applicable.



Important Date: GEM360 (Inbound)

Semester Nomination of Subject & Supervisor Application Date Application of New Visa (Mobility) Registration Date Classes
Semester 1 1st week of May 2nd Week – End of May 1st week of June September September – January
Semester 2 1st week of August 2nd Week – End of August 1st week of September January January - May
Semester 3 1st week of January 2nd Week – End of January 1st week of February May May - September