As the Director of Marketing, Admissions, and Business Development at Universiti Tenaga Nasional, I would like to express my gratitude for your partnership with us.

As part of the team, I appreciate your contribution as our partners in enhancing admissions for international students at UNITEN. We especially hope that our partnership will continue to help UNITEN flourish and that UNITEN will become the university of choice for international students wishing to study in Malaysia. I also welcome new partners to join us at any time.

Here is our International Marketing team:

  1. Mdm. Siti Sarah Bte. Wan Latif, International Marketing |
  2. Mr. Jihadi Norzini Aziz, International Admission |
  3. Mdm. Zaidapfaraha Hanapi |

They are always ready to serve you and assist your recruited students.

Feel free to contact our Head of Unit, International Marketing, Mdm. Sarah, you can directly contact me. Mdm. Sarah will then assist you in the registration process to become our official student recruitment partners. The registration process will take a week at the fastest, and then you will be ready to register students with us.

Hope to see you on board soon.

Renee Marcia Chandran
Marketing, Admissions, and Business Development Department

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