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Whether you are having a board meeting or a wedding or want to find a place to hold recurring events, UNITEN has a variety of spaces available to meet your needs. If you are interested in renting space, please feel free to browse our modern, affordable facilities.

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Special Programmes

UNITEN offers and manages professional services to create long-term value for the University from its customers, markets, and relationships with the local and global community. The Business Development Team (BDD) act as catalyst and champion for a wide range of knowledge exchange opportunities. We pro-actively engage with external organizations to identify opportunities for new business collaborations and networks.

We work closely with colleges and research institutes within the University to provide support and advice on projects involving third parties and welcome opportunities to discuss project ideas and potential collaborations.

With its vast experience of more than 20 years and growing collection of knowledge, our team is dedicated to offer a wide-range of business and development solutions within the niche areas of power engineering, engineering design, IT solutions, professional development and leadership training series, language and communications, preparatory programme for overseas university, Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) top-up program, business management, occupational safety and health assessment, energy policy and workforce well-being.


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Professional Services

We are ready to set up and manage strategic relationships and alliances with third-party organisations. In these instances our team might leverage each other's expertise, technologies or other intellectual property to expand their capacities for identifying, researching, analysing and bringing to market new businesses and new products.

Our team also focuses on implementation of strategic business plans through the establishment of strategic partnerships with our clients.

01. Customer Evaluation & Assessment
02. Technical & System Development & Training
03. Equipment & Lab Training
04. Safety Inspection & Monitoring
05. Annual Report & Learning Modules
06. Educational Awareness & Safety Program
07. Organising Seminar & Workshop

Tenders & Suppliers

At UNITEN, we value the strong base of suppliers we have developed and upon whom we depend as they work reliably to help us meet the highest standards of service. We periodically review our relationships to ensure we continue to engage suppliers who are eager to be measured by their excellent service, on-time deliverables and competitive pricing.

As a TNB's subsidiary, UNITEN is utilising TNB's suppliers and vendor management system. With the implementation of Registration of Supplier [ROS] and Supply Chain Management System (SCMS), UNITEN and suppliers will be able to communicate on a single platform to bring advantage to all parties involved.

Student Recruitment Partners

The Marketing & Student Admission Department at UNITEN works closely with carefully selected educational partners (or agents) around the world. These partners and counsellors work with local students providing them information about UNITEN and our academic programmes, assisting with the application process, helping the students apply for the appropriate visas and assisting with the preparation of studying in Malaysia.